Client Testimonial

Valerie Borden of Fresh Set of Eyes was a gift to GreenUP when it came to editing our book project in 2013 called Beneath The Canopy. Valerie came recommended to me from another industry professional and I can see why. Her professionalism and attention to detail were wonderful. She worked on an exceptionally tight timeline but was still able to provide great feedback and constructive help in the editing process. Valerie is truly a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a professional editor who is willing to go the extra mile to check her references and ensure correctness.

Sheryl Loucks, Writer-Editor


I am an editor-proofreader based in Sudbury, Ontario. I graduated from the School of Translators at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, with a bachelor of science in languages. I also successfully completed an intensive editing course through Cambrian College. To enhance my knowledge of the business world, I completed a very detailed business development course through Learning Initiative, a human resource development company located in Sudbury.

Before establishing this editing business, I was a holistic nutritional consultant for over 10 years. In addition to providing individualized nutritional consultations, I also designed and delivered health presentations to various local organizations and wrote articles for health-related newsletters.

I have edited a variety of texts including ebooks, non-fiction books, academic essays, website content, blogs, newsletter articles, reports, art appraisals, flyers, brochures, resumes, and cover letters. I was a proofreader for the FH Dobbin Award-winning non-fiction book, Beneath The Canopy, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Recently, I proofread an epic historical novel written by an aspiring writer.

I have extensive knowledge of the English language, recognizing the importance of accuracy, consistency, and clarity. Paying meticulous attention to detail regarding grammar, punctuation, syntax, and style, I am able to communicate corrections and suggestions clearly and respectfully. Whether editing on hard copy or on-screen, it is my job to ensure that your document is correct, polished, and well understood by your readers.